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Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men

Girls love to receive lingerie gifts and buying a tantalising new piece of lingerie can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the male lingerie buyer. However, a recent poll conducted by a popular new lingerie brand has shown that shopping for that perfect lingerie gift can, at times, be a very daunting prospect for a gentleman. With such a wide variety of lingerie designs, fabrics and sizes to choose from, it is no wonder that it can sometimes feel, well, simply overwhelming!

Tip #1: Find out her bra size, underwear size and lingerie size.

It should be very easy to find out a woman's lingerie size, underwear or bra size and I suggest that you do one or more of the following to ensure that your special lingerie gift fits your partner's height, size and body shape perfectly:

Ask her - This is a very simple and almost obvious tip, but you may be surprised that many gentlemen are still nervous about asking a lady for her bra or underwear sizes.

Ask a close female friend or a close female relative - Yes boys! Girls usually know their close girlfriends' bra and underwear sizes! Exploring the reasoning behind this would require me to start a whole new blog post so I will move on.

Have a sneak peek in her lingerie closet or draw - Now, I would not usually encourage snooping around in any ladies drawers or cabinets but under this very exceptional circumstance I am confident that she may eventually forgive you. If you decide to use this method, I suggest that you check the sizes of the newest items, and you should buy the most common size. For example, if a woman has six bras and one is in a size 34B, and five are in a size 34C, I would recommend that you buy a size 34C bra.

Tip #2: Discover her usual style but bear in mind that you should BOTH enjoy the lingerie gift.

You do not need to buy a woman exactly the same or even a similar style, colour or brand of lingerie that she has in her closet BUT if your lady is unadventurous with fashion or if she absolutely LOVES a particular lingerie style or colour you should stay as close as possible to her usual lingerie style in order to avoid buying her a disappointing lingerie gift.

Aim purchase a lingerie gift that you can both enjoy, mostly a lingerie gift that you would love to see her wearing. However, remember not to take this freedom of choice too far!

Tip #3: Decide on the finishing touches. Do you need that extra accessory or gift wrapping?

A seductive pair of stockings or a suspender belt with a new bra and underwear set will complete the desired look and make your lingerie gift that little bit more special. If you opt for a lingerie set as a gift, I would suggest that you only buy matching lingerie sets and NEVER fall for the temptation to mix and match - There is nothing worse than having a random bra or brief in my lingerie closet that does not match anything else I own!

Tip #4: If you are still in doubt,  why not purchase a Charm and Lace Boutique gift card.

If you are seeking luxury lingerie and nightwear to give to someone as a gift, you need to look no further than Charm and Lace Boutique! We sell an eclectic collection of designer lingerie sets and high-quality nightwear which any discerning and fashionable woman would adore and appreciate.

If you are still stuck for choice, please contact a member of our sales team and we will be happy to help you decide on styles, fabric, colours, sizes or anything else you need to know about buying the perfect lingerie gift.


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