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Get Your Bra Size Right Every Time

If you wear a poorly fitted bra you can find that you experience discomfort throughout the whole day. Even if you think that you are wearing the correct size bra, no-ones bra size remains the same as you get older, lose or gain weight etc your bra size will change.

Your bras are the most intimates items in your woman’s wardrobe, however, research has shown that it is likely that you are among 75% of women who will not be able to identify their bra size correctly. Wearing the incorrect size bra can result in physical problems such as sagging breasts, pain in your shoulders, or tightness in your chest, therefore, it is important to get your bra size correct now in order to avoid potential problems in the future. When you wear the correct size bra it allows you to feel elegant, feminine and confident in your underwear.

When I measure my bra size (Which I do at least twice a year), I take a measuring tape and measure directly under my breasts. If I get an even size number, then I add four inches or else I add five inches to get my chest size. For example, if I measure 30 inches, then I add another four inches, which makes me a size 34 inches. If I measure an odd number like 29, then I add 5 inches which makes me a size 34 inches.

Most of our high-quality European bras come in standard sizes and they are designed to provide you with the best fit and the maximum comfort.


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