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Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size?

Is your bra the right size for your body? You may think so, but with recently released statistics from a favourite European lingerie brand showing that almost 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size, then there is a very good chance that you are not. It is not surprising really since other statistics show that only 22% of women have ever had a professional bra fitter measure them to ascertain their correct size.

If you would like to find out if you are currently wearing the right size bra for your body shape, we can reveal that the tell-tale signs of a poorly fitted bra include:

  • The bra straps are riding up your back
  • The bra straps are digging your shoulders
  • Your breasts are not fitting snugly in the cups
  • The bra cage (the fabric which connects the bra’s cups) is not flat against your skin.
Unfortunately, it is often much easier to spot a poorly fitted bra on another woman rather than yourself :(. If you have begun to suspect that you may not be wearing the correct size bra, then you should understand that the benefits of getting rid of your poorly fitted bras and replacing them with perfectly fitted bras are not only clear, but they are also wide-ranging:

Benefit #1: A comfortable bra can help to correct and improve your shape and posture

A comfortable bra will not only lift and shape your bust, but it will also contribute to correct your body form and posture by pulling your shoulders back, helping you to stand straighter, taller and it will prevent you from slouching. Wearing a comfortable bra will also give you a much more flattering silhouette as it will accentuate your waist which will not only make you look great but it should be a real confidence booster too.

Benefit #2: A well-fitted bra can help reduce or even eliminate shoulder and back pain

A well fitted and high quality push up bra can help to shape your breasts and your body and improve your posture, but it can also contribute to alleviating shoulder pain and back pain.

A well-fitted bra will support the breasts through the lower back (lumbar) and reduce strain around the ribcage area which is one of the primary causes of back and shoulder pain as well as curvature of the spine. Your back is central to almost every movement you do on a daily basis so pain and discomfort in the back can cause serious problems elsewhere, including breathing difficulties, pulled muscles and even headaches.

Benefit #3: A good quality bra can help to avoid unnecessary harm to your breast tissue

A good quality bra can also contribute to preventing other problems which may lead to too much pressure on the breasts. Too much pressure on your breasts, over an extended period of time could cause irreversible damage to your healthy breast tissue.

Although no major studies have shown a link between wrong bra fittings and breast cancer, Japanese scientists have found that the hormone melatonin could be restricted by poorly fitted bras, which some doctors claim could increase the risk factor for breast cancer.

Why not start taking care of your breasts (and yourself) by buying a comfortable, well fitted and good quality bra today? You will not only look better; we promise that you will feel much better too. Contact our friendly sales team at Charm and Lace Boutique today for helpful advice on how to measure yourself so that you can buy a perfectly fitted bra online.


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